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 Born and raised in Alberta, Mike made the venture to start his family in beautiful British Columbia. He has a strong trades background coupled with years of fine dining experience. 

The trades allowed Mike to grow a strong work ethic and get comfortable working in clients homes. Even though he enjoyed this work, he wanted to expand his skillset and enter the restaurant industry; specifically fine dining. Here he was able to hone in on his attention to detail and flourished!

The 2020 situation was hard on everyone, especially those in the restaurant industry. Mike took this as an opportunity to expand his skills and found himself cleaning windows.

It didn't take long before Mike knew he had found a new passion. With the drive from the trades and the meticulousness of fine dining, Mike's Nice Glass Ltd. will give you the cleanest windows on the block!


Let Mike Nive Glass Ltd. show you that professionalism hasn't left the service industry!

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Communication is a vital part for any successful company. From the first point of contact to the last pull of the squeegee, you can be sure that we will have thorough, clear communication.


Your home is your castle and you shouldn't let just anyone into it. We take your trust very seriously.


To us, it's not enough to just do the job. We want you to feel the most comfortable and we do that with our excellence in cleanliness and personal-ability 


We know you've worked hard to get where you are and love your home very much. That's why we treat each of our clients homes as they were our own.

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